War and the Humanities

War and the Humanities

The Cultural Impact of the First World War
War (Hi) Stories 2017

von: Frank Jacob, Jeffrey M. Shaw, Timothy Demy

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Verlag: Schöningh
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ISBN/EAN: 9783657788248
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The battles of the First World War created a fundamentally new impression of war. Total warfare, the use of propaganda, chemical weapons, and every possible other measure to ensure victory defined the event that should later be known as the "Great War", because it caused so many deaths and much suffering. The catastrophe also had an impact on the humanities, which inevitably had to deal with the processing of an event that seemed to be too big to be clearly understood by the human mind. The present volume covers several interdisciplinary perspectives by dealing with the impact of the war on the humanities during and after the conflict that deeply influenced the mindset of the 20th century.

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