The Ice People 1 - Spellbound

The Ice People 1 - Spellbound

The Legend of The Ice People

von: Margit Sandemo, Myanna Buring

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Verlag: Jentas
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Veröffentl.: 15.01.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9788742830024
Sprache: englisch

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The Legend of the Ice People series has already captivated over 45 million readers across the world.

The story of the Ice People is a moving legend of love and supernatural powers, a tale of the essential struggle between good and evil.
Norway, 1581. The plague is sweeping through the country and the city of Trondheim is falling. Hidden deep amid the mountains that surround the city is a place where evil spirits are said to roam. Silje has always been haunted by visions of what's out there. But when she loses her family to the plague, her only choice is to take a path into the Land of Shadows.
Her journey takes her far beyond her imagination and into the realm of the Ice People. Could the legends be true? Even as Silje fights to survive, she becomes entranced with a new world of spirits and magical powers. She meets handsome and dangerous men who make her burn with desire. As her fate unfolds, she is spellbound.
"Margit Sandemo is, simply, quite wonderful.'
- The Guardian
'Full of convincing characters, well established in time and place, and enlightening ... will get your eyes popping, and quite possibly groins twitching ... these are graphic novels without pictures ... I want to know what happens next.'
- The Times
'A mixture of myth and legend are interwoven with historical events, this is an imaginative creation that involves the reader from the first page to the last.'
- Historical Novels Review
'Loved by the masses, the prolific Margit Sandemo has written over 172 novels to date and is Scandinavia s most widely read author...'
- Scanorama magazine"
Margit Sandemo was born on 23 April 1924 in Norway. She was raised in Sweden but later moved back to Norway. She made her debut as an author in 1964.
Love and supernatural powers are the hallmarks of her authorship, and she is the best-selling author in the Nordic countries, with more than 39 million copies sold.
The Legend of the Ice People comprises 47 volumes.
Margit Sandemo died on 1 September 2018.

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