The Final Call

The Final Call

Investigating Who Really Pays For Our Holidays

von: Leo Hickman

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Verlag: Transworld Publishers
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 04.09.2008
ISBN/EAN: 9781407036298
Sprache: englisch
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No industry in the world employs more people or is the world's largest foreign currency earner than tourism. Long billed as the cleanest industry for developing countries to invest in, tourism seems to offer everyone involved a positive experience.This is the official line, anyway. In truth, the reality is much more complex . For The Final Call Hickman travels the world on a range of holidays and finds that behind the sunny facade of pools, smiling locals, sightseeing trips and exquisite cuisine is an ugly reality and it is spreading unchecked to all corners of the globe. But none of us are going to stop holidaying and at the heart of this is a heartfelt attempt to discover the best way to holiday wherever you are.
"Well written, entertaining and hugely important."
A brilliant critique of the travel industry - compelling and essential reading for all holiday-makers at home and abroad.
Leo Hickman is a journalist and editor at the Guardian, and writes a weekly column on ethical living. He is also the author of A Life Stripped Bare: my year trying to live ethically and How to Buy, and editor of A Good Life: The Guide to Ethical Living. Leo lives in Cornwall with his wife Jane, and their three children.
Clubbing in Ibiza; cruising in the Caribbean; luxuriating in Dubai; skiing in the Alps; backpacking in Thailand . . . We are all keen tourists. But what is the true cost of our trips away? And is it even possible to have a 'good' holiday?Travelling the world, from theme park to golf course, from sunlounger to ecolodge, Hickman tells us what they don't reveal in the glossy brochures. Acknowledging that few of us are going to stop travelling, he offers solutions to the problems he uncovers, giving us the wherewithal to make informed decisions about our holidays, wherever the destination.

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