The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know

The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know

von: Craig A. Huey

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Veröffentl.: 11.07.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781543940015
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The Deep State.Politicians tell you it's a myth…The media mocks the very idea…And bureaucrats deny its existence.Here's the shocking truth: They deny the Deep State exists because they are the Deep State. And, their primary goals are to:- Grow bigger—expanding their power at the expense of your freedom- Advance their ideology in every part of our society- And resist anyone or anything that disagrees with their own agendaThe Deep State begins with a decentralized network at all levels of the state, local and federal government … into the private sector.But its corrupt reach and influence stretch far beyond the government…In The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, television commentator, author and small business owner Craig Huey reveals the little-known but powerful influence of this ideological stronghold over our entire nation … our culture … and even what our children are learning in school.You'll be horrified to learn:-How the intelligence agencies have become weaponized for political purposes-8 government agencies where Deep State influence has escalated to a totalitarian, anti-democratic resistance movement-How members of the "bloated bureaucracy" are promoting the Deep State (and getting paid hundreds of thousands to do it)-The Deep State's #1 most powerful tool to promote their ideological agenda — established under the Obama administration-And more…And, you'll learn how to fight back and take a stand for your freedoms and values — before they are systematically destroyed by the Deep State.

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