Reinventing yourself

Reinventing yourself

von: Mario Alonso Puig

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Veröffentl.: 30.11.2020
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At the oracle in Delphos, at the entrance to Apollo's temple in ancient Greece, there was a stone which had some strange signs written on it. It was an invitation to begin one of the most fascinating adventures that a human being can undertake. In other words, the adventure of self-discovery. This book is a map which will accompany us on this trip inside ourselves. Little by little the secret of how people create the eyes through which we observe and perceive the world, will be revealed. It is with the same eyes that so often make us focus on our guiltabout the past rather than on future opportunities.

Reinventing yourself does not mean becoming someone different from how we really are but rather bring our REAL SELF to the surface. It is in this new area of possibilities where creativity fl ows, along with the wisdom and energy to completely transform our experience, bringing with it more
calm, desire and confi dence into our lives. The key lies within ourselves, in the exercising of our personal freedom, taking choices that slowly but surely lead us to transform our outlook.

Marcel Proust said that, "the real act of discovery does not consist in going out to look for a new land but in learning to see the old land with new eyes." It is with our new eyes that we will be able to see what before we were blind to. It is also these new eyes which will lead us to discover how to reach what before had seemed unattainable.
Mario Alonso Puig, medical specialist in General Surgery and the Digestive Apparatus, fellow in surgery at the faculty of medicine at Harvard university in Boston.

Member of the Academy of Sciences of New York and of the American Association for the Advance of Science. He has dedicated a large part of his life to exploring the impact that mental processes have on making the most of our talent and state of health, energy and wellbeing.
Speaker at HMS Talents, he has been invited by institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center of Houston (United States), the Global Leadership
Center of INSEAD (France) and the Pythagorus University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). He currently gives conferences and delivers courses on Leadership,
Communication, Creativity and Stress Management both at international as well as at a national level.

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