Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Dr. Edmond Jacobson - Relaxation and Harmony - PMR

Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Dr. Edmond Jacobson - Relaxation and Harmony - PMR

with an especially composed relaxing music in 432 Hz for PMR

von: Franziska Diesmann, Torsten Abrolat, Colin Griffiths-Brown

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Verlag: Syncsouls - A Division of Alive! Media
Format: MP3 (in ZIP-Archiv)
Veröffentl.: 20.04.2015
ISBN/EAN: 4056198740040
Sprache: englisch

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The progressive muscle relaxation, also knows as PMR, is a relaxation technique, devolped by the US american physician Edmund Jacobson (1888-1983). Hesdiscovered, as a result of his scientific studies, that this relaxation technique could be salutary for many phsychomatic diseases and may also be a method to reduce stress.

PMR is a method by which in changing deliberatly and intentically relaxation and strain of different parts of muscels a deep state of relaxation of body and mind is reached.

PMR is a high effective method, which is prooven by clinical examinations, against corporal and mental difficulties like: restlessness and excitement, stress, extreme heart pounding, sweating, shiver, headache, high blood pressure, muscle tension, postural defect, backache, disturbance of stomach and intestines, insomnia.

PMR also sees use in anxiety disorder, as an accompaining relaxation technique in behavioural therapy.

This Audiobook is a guide for your self-studies and learning. In listening regularely to this audioprogramm you can internalize its content everywhere - in a bus on the way to your place of work, in an office, at every moment wherever you are whenever you like, in the morning or in the evening- it is a relaxation ritual at every moment as you like.

SyncSouls offers 5 different versions - each one of them is one complete excercise in it.

1. Body region: PMR - hands and arms
(well applicable in case of increased desk work)

2. Body region: PMR - face
(well applicable in case of headache)

3. Body region: PMR - head, neck and shoulders
(fav, myosclerosis in schoulders and back of the neck)

4. Body region: PMR - abdomen, buttocks and legs
(e.g. well applicable when sitting a long time or in case of pains and troubles at the lower back side and in the stomach region)

5. PMR for all parts of the body in one run-through

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