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Short story collection

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Introduction and Prelude

Author's note: The following is a collection of short stories I wrote in a Composition book when I was in high school. These are my first stories put to paper. I admit they're a little dicey as far as plot and characters go. Please keep in mind I was very amateur writer then and am only just getting started now. You'll find more published works on my page at I will put the stories in order on here in the order they were written down in the composition book. I will title the chapters with the stories title first and the chapter following after, for example the first story is called Apocalypse: The Virus. So the first chapter in this will read as Apocalypse: The Virus chapter 1, chapter 2 and so on. I'm typing the stories exactly how they appear in the book. No editing involved. I ask that you please enjoy these stories and check out my other ones, thank you.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Except where actual historical events and characters are being described for the storyline of this novel, all situations in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons living, or dead, business establishments, events or locales is purely coincidental.

Apocalypse: The Virus Chapter 1

In the bustling town of Rosewood, lived thousands of people for it was a big town. The wind whipped through her long straight black hair and her brunette eyes were buried in a book. She was known by few but out of those few, Miranda still had friends. A girl came running over to Miranda, her long honey blonde hair trailing behind her and her light blue eyes filled with joy.

Miranda looked up from her book and said, “Sarah? What's up?”

Sarah came to a halt and said, “Did you hear? The pharmaceutical company FirstAid came out with a new medicine to enhance the human body.”

Miranda stood up and said, “What's it called?”

Sarah said, “It's called Rayne (rain).” They talked for a while and then went down to the arcade.

Later that evening, “Finally!” Miranda exclaimed.

Sarah said, “I can't believe you beat my high score on Dance Dance Revolution.” They walked by a bar. A drunk scruffy old man was walking towards them. Miranda stepped out of the way to let him through. The man stepped back into her path and made a beeline for her, the man reached out and tried to take a bite out of Miranda's shoulder. However, she dodged him and kicked the man in the stomach. The man keeled over in pain. Sarah screamed as the man's head turned backwards and struggled to get up off the ground. Miranda continuously kicked the man. Finally, the man stopped moving.

Sarah said, “What was with that guy?” She got down on one knee and examined the man closely. “He looks like...a zombie?”

Miranda said, “A you think it has anything to do with that Rayne stuff?” Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

The next morning, Sarah ran as fast as she could, screaming. “Miranda! Help!” A female zombie followed close behind her. Miranda stood ready, a few feet away with a chrome baseball bat. Sarah ducked as Miranda swung the bat, bashing the zombie's face in. Sarah said, “You were right, this is like it was in the movies. I should've been more careful.”

Miranda said, “It's going to be okay. We should go see if there's anyone else who isn't infected.” They ran to Sarah's house to get her dad's car. When they arrived there was a gluttonous zombie kneeling over a dead man's body. Miranda's and Sarah's mouths dropped to the ground. The glutton zombie turned and spewed acid towards them the girls panicked and ran in circles, then got behind a fence to avoid the acid. Suddenly a red-headed man came charging at the mutant monster and hit it upside the head with a banjo. He hit the mutant zombie once more before waving to Miranda and Sarah.

They called in unison, “Sam!” Sam was Miranda's cousin. His green as grass eyes welcoming them. Sarah gasped as she gazed at the man on the ground, it was her dad. She broke into sobs, as Miranda tried to calm her. Sam scanned the area for more zombies. There were no zombies in sight surprisingly.

Miranda said, “We should go, Sarah.” Sarah nodded still crying a little.

Sam said, “I'm gonna stay here. I'll make sure no zombies follow you.” He knelt down and took Sarah's dad's car keys and handed them to Miranda.

Miranda said, “Why aren't you coming with us?”

Sam rolled up his sleeve and showed a bite mark from one of the zombies then said, “I learned that when you get bit, you turn into one of them. You should hurry up and go. I think this bite is starting to take effect.”

Miranda said, “Alright, Sarah we need to go now.”

Sarah mumbled, “Okay.” She stood and went with Miranda to her dad's car. Miranda floored the gas pedal as Sam stepped aside trying to keep a hold of himself. Miranda and Sarah sped through town. Two men ran out in front of the car, forcing Miranda to slam on the brakes. The car skidded to a halt as the two men stood there wide-eyed. Three zombies came running at them. One of the men, unfroze and shot the zombies in the head with a 9mm pistol.

Sarah called to them, “Get in!” The two men got on either side of the car and slid into the backseat. The car's tires screeched and took off down the road. The two men sat in the backseat quietly for most of the ride.

The bronze haired man spoke first, “Do you really trust us at all?”

Apocalypse: The Virus Chapter 2

Miranda said, “Well with zombies running around and eating people. I doubt trust should be an issue.”

Sarah turned in the front seat towards them and said, “Besides, for all we know we could be the only ones left who aren't infected.”

The jet black haired man said, “Good point.” His ocean blue eyes stared out the window. Sarah noticed this and the bronze haired man had light brown eyes.

Miranda broke the silence and said, “We should introduce ourselves. I'm Miranda and this is my best friend Sarah.”

The man with the bronze hair said, “I'm Shawn and this is Caleb.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Nice to meet you.” Shawn smiled back. The low fuel light came on. Miranda pulled into a gas station.

Caleb said, “Do you really expect this place to have gas, let alone no zombies?”

Miranda said, “It wouldn't hurt to try.” Caleb was about to retaliate but Shawn covered his mouth. Miranda got out of the car, taking the chrome baseball bat with her. Sarah, Shawn and Caleb stayed in the car. Miranda walked around to the gas pump, clicked the clutch a few times, only to find it empty. She looked at the gas station, debating whether or not to go in. Miranda heard someone get out of the car. She turned to see, and to her disappointment, the rude, mouthy man, Caleb getting out of the car.

He said, “I'll go in with you.” They went into the gas station together. It was dark, but there was enough light coming in through the windows to see the inside of the store trashed.

Caleb said, “We should look for supplies. Food, water, anything useful. Let's split up, I'll check the back of the store.” He went through two big doors with the words 'Employees only' stamped across the front. Miranda checked the fridges lining the wall on her left. It was completely empty, except for the occasional broken beer bottle here and there. Caleb, with a 10mm pistol at his side, walked cautiously down the aisles of boxes. He approaches a corner and heard some strange noises.

Caleb carefully peeked around the corner and saw two zombies holding a conversation. One was holding a tomahawk, the other a chainsaw. He silently cursed and heard a few words such as; 'savior', 'kill', and 'girl'. He quietly crept away and back to the store. Miranda had a grocery bag, quietly putting bags of chips, canned food and water bottles in it. She didn't notice Caleb.

Caleb whispered, “Miranda, there are two zombies in the back. One of them had a chainsaw. So don't make-” A hole ripped in the bag Miranda was holding and a can fell out. Caleb swiftly grabbed the can and lost his footing. Miranda grabbed the back of his jacket. Caleb's pistol fell out, hit the ground and fired off a shot. They head a chainsaw roar to life somewhere in the back of the store. Miranda lifted Caleb back on to his feet and ran for the door. The two big doors were sawed horizontally in half. A gray, white-eyed, messy around the mouth, zombie came in, chainsaw roaring furiously. Caleb scrambled to his feet.

“Miranda! Wait!”

Caleb got out the doors, only to see another zombie who shared his features with the rest of his brethren, gray with matted chestnut brown hair and white-eyes, about to bite Miranda.

“MIRANDA!” Caleb yelled. A bright flash of white came out of nowhere.

“NO! CALEB!” The light disappeared. Shawn and Caleb were gone. Sarah lied a few feet from Miranda, bruised all over and unconscious. Miranda tried to stand but her left leg was broken. Feeling the pain, she covered her mouth to muffle her screams of pain.

“Need help?” Shawn appeared out of nowhere, holding out his hand.

Miranda said, “Where's Caleb?” She looked at him suspiciously. Shawn didn't answer, instead went to help Sarah up, who just woke up.

Miranda struggled to stand, she accidentally stepped with her left foot, cringed and fell.

Apocalypse: The Virus Chapter 3

Someone caught her by the arm. Miranda twisted herself and struggled to see, Caleb holding her.

“Caleb...Where did you go?”

“Nowhere important.”


“I'm fine, you're not. Let's fix up your leg.” Miranda ripped her arm from his grip and fell on the ground. She knew something was wrong. Caleb was shaking, no struggling to keep himself from doing something bad, Miranda thought. Caleb bent down to pick Miranda up.

Miranda said, “Leave me alone, I'm fine.”

“No you're not!”

“Neither are you!” Caleb stared in surprise, went to say something but instead headed towards the car where Shawn was helping an injured Sarah.

Miranda managed to stand, she limped painfully to the car. Shawn hopped into the driver's seat, overly excited to drive without a license or a permit.

When Miranda tried to get in the car, she silently cursed while trying to figure out how to get in the car without using or putting pressure on her leg.

Caleb, getting very impatient kicked the door open and stomped over to Miranda. He said, “Let me help!”

“No, I can handle it-"

“Shut up and sit down.” Miranda hesitated, but carefully lowered herself to the ground. Caleb knelt beside her, he puts his hand gently on her leg, and closed his eyes. Miranda felt peaceful as a warm feeling enveloped her. The warm feeling stopped as Caleb lifted his hand.

Miranda said, “What was that warm feeling?”'

Caleb said, “Warm feeling?” He looked at Shawn who shrugged his shoulders.

Shawn said, “He only healed your leg. There shouldn't have been a warm feeling.” There was howling in the distance. Shawn and Sarah got out of the car.

Sarah said, “What was that?” The earth shook as a massive monstrous creature made its way around a corner. A huge, black, three-headed dog stood before them. Rows upon rows of sharp, bloody teeth shown from their mouths.

Miranda said, “Since when was there a giant three-headed dog?” The massive dog swung its huge paw at Caleb and Shawn knocking them back a good fifty feet from the car. Caleb and Shawn were unconscious.

Sarah called, “Shawn! Caleb!” Miranda started throwing rocks at the dog. The dog ignored her and hooked on claw on the backs of Caleb's and Shawn's jackets. It then hooked their jackets on a tooth of the center head. The massive dog took off with Caleb and Shawn.

Sarah called to Miranda who stared after the dog, “Come on!” Sarah jumped into the driver's seat. Miranda slid into the passenger seat. The car squealed down the road. They followed the dog’s path, but they hit a dead end at the end of a road. Miranda and Sarah got out of the car.

Miranda said, “Where did it go?”

Sarah said, “There's no sign that it's been here. Did we make a wrong turn?”

“Excuse me?” Sarah looked down to see a bleach blonde haired, green eye boy looking up at her.

Miranda came around the car and said, “Who are you?”

The little boy said, “Ethan. I need you two to come with me, please. There's a shelter of survivors nearby.”

Sarah said, “What about the car? By the way I'm Sarah and this is Miranda.”

Ethan said, “It's nice to meet you. Someone from the shelter will come and get the car.” They followed Ethan to an old, run down building.

Miranda said, “Ethan, did you see a big dog come this way?”

“A three-headed one?”


“No. I didn't see one.”

“ just said.”