Kennedy Olivia


Another miracle to thank God for,

His loving grace has blessed us more and more,

Another princess set to soar,

A Team Cuffee encore,

Epic moments in store,

My legacy to the core…

I can make rhymes,

Create super hype lines,

But my greatest creation

Is when me and Marsha combined

To add another child

With the same last name as mine,

A gift to mankind,

Our second daughter,

The baby princess,

Our prayers answered as heaven stands at attention,

We see God in multiple dimensions,

A miracle every time

The name Kennedy Olivia Cuffee

Is mentioned,

No second guessing

As we teach both of our blessings

Life lessons,

These past few years I’ve experienced joys

That are indescribable,

Parenthood’s evolving cycle,

Being a father is the greatest title

I could ever hold,

Ensuring our children are never cold,

Kids are wonders beyond explaining,

A balance worth maintaining,

As priceless as peace,

Kennedy is perfection

From all of that hair,

All the way down to her feet,

Looking like her big sister,


Almost pass as twins,

Once again,

My whole earth shook

When Kennedy arrived,

Futures transcribed,

Dreams of being around to father two beautiful brides,

But I slow down,

So, I can enjoy the ride,

So much joy to come…

I vow to make y’all proud,

Doing what God will allow,

I stand at the precipice of proud,

I imagine it multiplies

Just as surely as time flies,

Tons of lullabies,

And sunny skies,

It’s true poetry,

When we read our little ones bedtime stories,

As we await life’s triumphs, sadness,

And glories,

And many a milestone

To which other parents can relate,

We will teach you both to value yourselves,

And be proud of your race,

Face, and shape,

The world’s a wonderful place,

Despite some trying their hardest to make it not so,

It was once said

That a daughter may outgrow your lap,

But your heart she will never outgrow,

Our creations are a blending of joy,

Humanity, and hope,

I could write books or endless quotes

On how our decisions shaped our happiness,

And how our maker allowed it all to happen,

One of my designs is to leave something behind

That will stand the test of time,

Never mind the ego in rhymes,

My family is my shrine,

My words,

Merely add a little sparkle to the shine,

As surely as I was once a sparkle in my parent’s eyes,

And despite what is sold on those fancy scrolls,

One of the greatest stories ever told

Is that daughters take care of their fathers,

When their daddies grow old…

Race Track
(The Prequel)


“Every younger generation has transformed America racially, and usually has left America better off than they received it, it’s like a relay, make sure you run your leg right and handoff the baton.”

– Author Unknown

How much has changed since you blew out my brains

For having the audacity to learn my name,

My ancestors were flung in front of trains,

I was lynched or hanged,

Either way the blood stains the same,

Memories remain,

The pain,

Long ago, advantages were gained by the oppressor,

These are the lessons that weren’t taught in school by the professor,

And to this day,

Many still can’t locate the starting gate,

While countless others are still running in place,

In terms of really competing with your peers,

Talk about a head start,

They got you by several hundred years,

Listen to the cheers as you succumb to fear,

And the jeers

Because affirmative action is taking way too long to disappear,

You say I should move on,

But I see new pawns on the television,

That improve the racists’ position,

Decision after decision made with precision,

To some, bigotry is religion,

I’m Captain Obvious when I say

The new slavery is prison,

If you would just stop yelling for a second and listen,

You will see the game for what it is,

Those in position of power don’t care about our kids,

From us the truth was hid,

Our schools were in ruin,

We tried to integrate,

But hate wouldn’t cooperate,

So many would relocate to avoid the dark face,

Fate looked on,

Sadly, at humans acting like savage beasts,

For some, America represents grief,

The opposite of peace,

Wealth, land, and power, wasn’t meant to be ours,

The minute we got a whiff of success,

Our Black asses were devoured,

Black Wall Street happened, it wasn’t a myth,

The minute one of us tried to reveal the truth,

We were thrown from a cliff,

Or drowned, or humiliated and clowned,

Chased by hounds,

Or brought down by rounds,

You ran me out of town,

For no other reason than

You simply didn’t want our kind around,

Now think about how that sounds

For a second, like really?

You believe in God, prayer, and forgiveness,

But yet you continue to act like this,

How can hatred and these beliefs of yours coexist?

I’m not calling out any particular religion,

Because the hypocrisy persists in them all,

I mean where was the Final Call

When Malcolm X took his final fall,

The primal call when I see bigotry like the 1960s

Played out in politics,

But I’m the inconsiderate prick for pointing it out,

And you wonder why we continue to protest and shout,

In the past we lost the bout in a rout,

Because the fights were fixed,

Present day,

It is still astonishing how we overcame so much,

That is why many raise the Black fist,

Or celebrate Black love,

There is a certain pride and sense of self

That had to be obtained (and must remain),

Especially when society is systematically

Trying to reprogram your brain,

Feeding you grain after grain

Of self-hatred and disdain,

Downright crippling,

Like the era of crack cocaine,

And its mutilated remains…

We’ve been through hell and much worse,

But we are still the Kings and Queens of the universe

I won a gold medal for this nation,

But upon my return I’m treated lower than the basement,

My generation was busy chasing freedom,

No matter how fast we ran, we could never quite reach him…

It takes a special kind of being

To still believe in the supernatural gifts of the all-seeing,

Especially in times of slavery,

When we were taught to believe

That being Black in America had no meaning,

Our treatment was beyond demeaning,

You claim we are clinging to the past,

But truly, when I look around,

Based on the behavior of people,

Not enough time has passed,

For us to really be seen as equal,

Despite all the distractions surrounding it,

I can still spot evil,

And it shouldn’t take you every four years

In November to remember…

We’ve been through hell and much worse,

But we are still the Kings and Queens of the universe

Plenty of people wonder why I choose to focus on these topics,

Many folks are “woke”

And may think I’m restating the obvious,

Well if that is the case,

Then why are so many of us still acting retarded,

Everyday another Uncle Tom or raccoon is spotted,

When I say that the Blackman is still a target,

Many claim I’m spewing nonsense and garbage,

Some of you (regardless of race) will never open your eyes,

So, it is an uphill climb regardless,

But anyone with any kind of knowledge,

Applying simple logic,

Can deduce that things still aren’t where they should be,

Countless examples are on display today

And throughout recent history,

Randomly, I switch the scene to 1985,

Was it justifiable homicide?

When yet another Blackman was no longer alive,

After being choked to death by a police officer,

But wait, fate had more to offer,

In good taste,

Fellow officers were spotted wearing t-shirts that read,

“Don’t Choke’Em. Smoke’Em.”

At the victim’s funeral,

Talk about throwing stones,

Sort of reminds me of another poem,

You know,

The one about Eric Garner being choked to death in 2014,

Right there on the big screen,

His pleas of “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe”

Was there for all to see and hear,


A deviously constructed concrete jungle

Ensures we’re hunted like deer,

Just look at the statistics of the major cities,

Blacks killing Blacks at a rate

That is downright sickening,


How did we arrive here,

So much is involved from poverty, guns, drugs,

Lack of education,

And the outright purposeful displacement of a generation

Through laws and regulations,

Every bit as demonic as segregation,

How’s this for name recognition,

Jim Crow, Katrina, Jasper-Texas or Flint-Michigan,

And countless other scenarios that remind us

How low we’re regarded,

The countless race riots,

Man, don’t get me started,

With this economic inequality, medical malpractice,

Housing discrimination, and voter suppression tactics,

And again, you phonies still don’t understand

Why we’re celebrating our Blackness…

We’ve been through hell and much worse,

But we are still the Kings and Queens of the universe

Regarding our beloved country,

The events of the past few months

Should be troubling and concerning,

Not only is my rambling intended for the “hard of learning,”

But keep this in mind,

Occasionally, the choir needs to hear the sermon,

And hopefully it will make you more focused and determined

To fight for equality, justice, and the truth,

My statement to the youth

Is that “ideas are bullet proof…”

Savor the Love


Savor the love… savor the love... savor the love

Life’s unpredictable arrangements,

Found us stuck together in this pleasurable entanglement,

It was just like the first time

When I showed you where all my veins went,

I found out we spoke the same language,

And I haven’t been the same since,

The ole in-out, in-out

With such succulent sustainment,

Paradise found atop of one another

Helped me forget where all my pain went,

The poonany vents,

So, I do the obvious,

And pitch a tent,

Quality time is spent,

I mean splendid,

My intent or intentions is to take you

Through satisfying dimensions,

Dining on body parts that are in need of attention,

So intense with our arousal,

Orgasms are like we crafted a new invention,

Seductive touches,

Finally have fate in my clutches,

Your tenderness is touching,

Eventual eruptions,

Longing for sipping, stroking, and sucking,

Life’s interruptions, are temporarily, no more,

The flow soars,

As we invest time in being each other’s pleasurable pets,

Dirty the dialect,

As the sun sets

I’m sitting here working on ways to keep you wet,

I remember when we used to be strangers,

I used to be a gentleman,

Okay, I’m still a gentleman,

But that didn’t stop me from wanting to sin again,

A centerfold of cinnamon,

Caramel wins again,

Cocoa butter lovers,

Bracing your butterscotch buttocks,

Drowning in the brown,

(Insert sexy sounding noun),

I get lost in those lips,

And that complexion,

Now tell me,

How bad do you want this erection,

You’ve got everything I need,

And it wasn’t just the sex that had me down on one knee…

Duck Tales Volume One
(The Breakup)


They say the devil’s in the details,

Is that why you left me for a female working in retail,

You must like how her capris smell,

Because how else can you explain

Why I found this dame choking you like Sprewell,

A typical street tale,

Hood rat, lipstick lover undercover

Do tell,


I’m blazing a new trail,

About to blow up like Jordan’s shoe sales,

My revenge will be to live life well,

Create a couple of blessings,

While you live out your dike tales…

She left you because you’re 40 years old

Acting like you’re 16,

Instead of working,

You’d rather wait for the next get rich quick scheme,

Plus, you slapped her,

Which led to her brother leaving your face

Looking like Mitch Green

Circa Tyson 88,

A month later your ex left town without a trace,

A decade later you’re still living in the same place,

Bickering with trash from a trailer,

Oh, your ex,

She became a tailor,

Got married to some sailor,

And they have two kids together,

Living out their days in California’s sunny weather…

To her I mattered the most,

I used to boast,

But there she was giving my best man deep throat,

An hour after the toast,

We used to fly from coast to coast,

I gave you Gucci, Prada and Coach,

Now I’m sitting here writing a suicide note,

Satan provoked,

And I responded,

Sickening varmint,

My reservations in heaven are forever tarnished…

You can always tell when me and Wynema made up,

Because she would always have smeared makeup,

Which is why it shocked me to my bones

When she wanted to breakup,

I’m like “wait, baby, baby, baby let me explain,”

Somewhere between my 4th long island

And a couple of sniffs of pure cocaine,

I had gotten brain from some

(Yep, you guessed it)

Long Island flame,

“But you said head didn’t count,”


Indeed, it did, in large amounts,

Wynema took everything out of our bank account,

Then proceeded to bounce,

On her ass I wanted to trounce,

But why bother,

It’s like trying to swat a fly with a hammer

Instead of a fly swatter…

Holding you in my arms means the world to me,

Our passionate love motions in the dark are otherworldly,

Your licks are everlasting,

But apparently,

Our love is marred by a tragedy,

You see, I just received a text message informing me

You got busy with some cat named Sean last week,

How could this have gotten past me,

I thought you were faithful,

Why you ungrateful skank,

So suddenly, I go from loving you,

To wanting to level you with a tank,

What has gotten in to me,

I must confess it’s a thin line indeed…

It was either her or the alcohol,

You chose the latter,

That explains why she no longer accepts your calls,

In a drunken state,

You showed up at her work place,

Trying to plead your case,

It was embarrassing,

Just to get you to leave,

She agreed to one more date,

But of course, after a day of not hearing from Kate,

You grew impatient and had to tempt fate,

Decided to show up to her house unannounced

And break a couple of plates across her face,

The next day this utter disgrace

(Yes, you)

Was arrested by a couple of jakes,

Hours later the remains of what you left of Kate

Were found floating in the lake,

The breakup…

A Cool Breeze


Amidst all the superlatives and natural state of being,

The lyrical Lancelot wields might,

Yet is humbled by the all-seeing,

If you’re breathing you have a weakness,

Admire a good woman

Yet the dong contradicts when licked

By a woman faster than the Preakness,

The one and lonely,

Yet for some ungodly reason heathens want to bone me,

Shameful when you’re already spoken for,

A mere token whore,

How I look,

All caught up in the scene of some hotel lobby fling,

With a former prom queen who’s seen more love taps than Rodney King,

Trivial the swing,

Perhaps I’d entertain the thought after a bid in Sing Sing,

(Imagine that)

I fashion the plain,

And let the others rock more bling than a Super Bowl team,



Until the escapist fondles the vocabulary,

Vocal visionary,

Many a folklore now lies in a cemetery,

In a literary sense of course,

If given a choice,

Who wouldn’t like them moist,

Rarely disappoints,

Make libations out of your pressure points,

Test your joints,

Erect, anoint…

Hang’em High


I’m about to open up a privatized for-profit prison company

Called Hang’em High,

I’ll target the Latinos, Blacks, and poor White kids,

You know, the small fries,

From the poor neighborhoods,

Destroy futures more than any lightsaber could,

We’ll make it our business to lock up your statistics,

Charge inmates $1.50 a minute to dial their seven digits,

Sock the government with a 400% markup,

How’s that for a startup,

Net $18,000 a year per prisoner,

Maybe in a year or three,

I’ll run for senator,

You call it corrupt,

I call it smart business,

Dig this,

As we stick the losers with public defenders,

Call them circus seals,

Who are far less likely to file an appeal,

And even less likely to win one…

Hang’em High,

Where our mission is to see our prison population multiply,

Hang’em High,

It’s the next best thing to seeing them fry,

Our operation is complex, yet as simple as a see-saw,

And if you listen carefully, you can hear the Yee-haw…

(A few years later)

I once heard that when you’re in a war,

You’ll come to the realization that as human beings

Nothing is beneath us anymore,

Well that, and watching my profits soar,

We rely on the Fergusons in this country

To keep funneling in the miscreants,

They have no futures anyway,

Damn heathens are of no significance,

Label me an Uncle Tom,

I guess it depends on what you believe in,

By the way,

You wouldn’t believe with who, and where I’ll be sleeping…


Flew in a couple of high class socialites

Who like to please the pipe and get high as a kite,

Why, you ask,

Because I deserve this life,

While you idiots keep thinking prison isn’t a business,

I’ll be slurping orgasms down in the Caribbean…

Hang’em High,

Where our mission is to see our prison population multiply,

Hang’em High,

It’s the next best thing to seeing them fry,

Where our operation is as simple as a see-saw,

And if you listen carefully, you can hear the Yee-haw…

Malice in the Making



The older woman and the younger man

Is usually malice in the making

Her whole intent

Is to calm her clit

And leave his young ass shaking

Always walking around with his brain stuck in the sand

Thinking with the head

He holds in his hand

Makes him easy prey

To control his every action

Just as long

As he can play

With the nectar of wisdom

To quench his thirst of manly

Sexual desires

She toys with his head

Until he is led


Her wicked desires…

Her side of the story:

On a hot summer he walked our way

With a charming boyish smile

We took him in

Treated him like kin’

And nurtured him for a while

The man I loved

At the time

Always wanted a son

I was in need of a fantasy trip

To make his young ass cum

He came to be a son to him

My man kept him close

He taught him the good and bad

And how life should go…

My man kept him in the highest regard

I often laughed inside

He was thinking as a “retard”

But I did not want to hurt his pride

As the young fellow would come to our place

I looked at him from a distance

He was just the tool

That I needed

To complete my final mission

Every time my man turned his back

My eyes would dance his way

I would open my leg

But no words were said

He knew what I was trying to say

He stopped by one stormy morning

To see his so called “dad”

But after that day he left from there

His mind I truly had

I simply sucked his dick

With the knowledge of old school wisdom

I didn’t give him any pussy

Cause later I would give it to him

I just wanted to give him a sample

Of what I had to offer

I placed my hand on his hard dick

And sucked until it was softer

When he started to cum

I did not dare to stop

I stroked him faster

Silly young bastard

And devoured

Every drop…

(Exhibit A)

We kissed passionately, ravaging echoes,

The legendary pathos,

Erotica exposed,

I sucked upon my rose,

Devilishly consuming her toes,

My dick stiff, as if it were frozen,

The germ exchange was potent,

Becoming each other’s lotion,

As our bodies rubbed together,

Seduced by my better,

We experienced pleasures too taboo for love letters,

The clean version has me in her insides swerving,

Sloshing amongst the fluids,

In unison with our movements,

We tightly hold hands,

Her hole expands,

Revealing even more exotic lands,

As if in a trance,

Our naughtiness enhanced,

We dine on I-69,

Until such time her orgasmic jerks

Insist I commence to sticking her like a porcupine,

She’s so warm inside,

I never want to leave,

Adorned with pride,

My mission is to populate her forest with trees,

On her knees,

Yet it is I who plead

To be deceived by the misdeeds of mountainous breast,

As I bust fountains upon her chest…

(Exhibit B)B)

I teased his dick for 3 whole days

Orally stimulated his body in different ways

Then rode his dick until he was dazed

Young man, Older woman

That’s how we play

I screwed his head up

What can I say

Then started

Pillow talk as we lay

Together in lust

In stolen moments…I say

“I wish that nigga was out of the way!”

“So we could live our life together,

And make love every day”

He mistreated me so,

Now he has to pay

With fake tears in my eyes

I conspire to betray

Two men who loved me

That I led astray

(Crime of Passion)

Eventually our landing spots

Led to us plotting on murder and what not,

The what if he was gone scenarios,

A longing lothario,

I was hooked like a sea bass,

All I could see was ass,

Turned on by the thought of us scheming,

The more she relieved me of my semen,

The closer I was to becoming a demon…

At last,

She lured the sucker in, acting phony,

My “Tender Roni” seduces him into submission,

Deviously putting him in position,


I shot him in the head

With the pistol my cousin loaned me,

It was as if I was out of my own body

Looking at a clone me,

Feeling lonely,

Momentarily, as time stops,

And resumes as the victim of our crime drops,

There is no substitute for experience,

Her body massaged me,

Then robbed me of innocence,

Once I experienced the pink,

I’ve been a sinner since,

Well, that’s a lie,

I used to pull petty crimes to pay the winter’s rent,

But this here is the big time,


As my member dents

Her insides,

Foolish visions of her being my bride,

Fate lied,

As my troubles multiplied,

We’ve got to get rid of the body,

Nothing sloppy,

We must clean up the evidence,

When the coast is clear leave the residence,

We change his clothes

To make it look like he went for a jog,

Quickly in the garage,

Where we put the body in the car,

Drove off in haste,

Unaware of one of the neighbors walking their dog,

As we continue to defy logic,

We arrive at the river to make a deposit,

After we discard his lifeless frame,

We go about setting the clothes in which he was slain to flames,

I bury the pistol in the woods

On the other side of town,

Things calmed down,

My baby has the other remaining evidence

In the washing machine,

We may get away clean,

The bedroom looks pristine,

No sooner than I thought that,

The police were on the scene,

It seems we were seen suspiciously

Throwing something in the river,

All I could think of was CSI exposing things

I never considered,

And my ass being delivered to prison for a life sentence,

I was merely the apprentice,

To this deadly woman and her devious plan,

I only wanted to be her man…

(Crime of Passion)

I will never forget that autumn day

As the leaves looked golden brown

I kissed Mr. Johnson as he walked away…

And held my head to the ground

I knew it was the last time

That I would ever kiss him again

I convinced the young punk to take him out,

And commit an awful sin

I assured him our plan was safe proof,

If he followed my rules

When my man walked by I heard the “BANG”

And his young ass lost his cool,

The neighbor was walking the dog,

I thought that she could only see

My young lover standing with the gun

But the nosey bitch still saw me,

I yelled at the young punk,

“Why did you FUCK up the plan?”

“Now you stand in my front yard with the gun in your hand?!!”

“Get the fuck in the car!!!”

My hands started to shake

His lifeless body lay in trunk

As we were headed to the lake,

I will never forget the sound

Of his body hitting the water

I knew for sure this was our last day,

They’d catch his young ass tomorrow,

But, as my luck would have it,

There was a man

That I used to fuck

He saw us dump the body,

And told the cops what was up,

Because he still had vengeance

for his marriage that I conspired to end

He told the cops my story,

and they are sending me to the pen,

I only got a few years

because they couldn’t prove I told him to do it,

My freedom will come in 5 more years,

and the vixen will be back to it,

Looking for my next victim,

to help me work out my next plan

I still laugh at the thought

The silly young bastard

Thought he would be my man…

Harmless Observations from the Offspring


It’s a hell of a thing to be confident in everything around you,

And see it all fall apart,

Deciphering my own depression used to be my work of art,

I love writing poetry,

But it has nothing to do with how I get paid,

I’ve been putting pen to paper,

More or less, since the sixth grade,

Don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow,

Trust me,

There will be more than enough sorrow in a given lifespan,

I’m both loved and hated because of my nice tan,

I was born with it,

This gifted, prolific spirit of significance

Which allows me to communicate enhanced brilliance

Encapsulated by circumstance,

For a split second I thought I could be the voice of a generation,

But I soon realized I related more to being

Some misunderstood hybrid alien creation,

With designs on writing rhymes sicker than time,

And punchlines that are the offspring

Of Dr. Manhattan making out with Lucy,

Revolutionary like Malcolm X on loose-leaf,

Something that’s true doesn’t require your belief,

Should be considered a titan,

Because my writing entertains and enlightens,

But humans can only handle a few dimensions at a time,

So, I slowly introduce each line,

So as not to overwhelm the mind,

My heroes range anywhere from Marcus Garvey,

My Mom and Pops, to Optimus Prime,

And I get closer to God with each and every rhyme…

Tell me, are you going to be an excuse or an exception,

Will you use your brain or be caught up in life’s deceptions?

The reason why people mess up in public

Is because they don’t take notes in private,

You don’t have to be a psychic

To know that trouble comes

With trying to get into underage girls’ privates,

Or running the streets with broke ass sidekicks,

“Here, hide this,”

As he hands you something illegal,

Get it together people,

Cats are making permanent decisions

Based off of inadequate information,

It’s been way too long

Since you and common sense had a conversation…


Men doubt you,

Yet none of us would be here without you,

I hope this particular passage reroutes you

Pass those abusive drunks, reclusive punks,

And those cheating on you by chasing those elusive cunts,

You deserve better,

Your love is a treasure,

Which by no scale could be measured,

Yet you’re pressured by these sorry excuses for a man,

It should’ve been over the minute he hit you with his backhand,

Please understand,

There is no place for that on this land,

Seek out better examples,

Leave behind the also-rans,

What defines a good man you ask?

A good man inspires,

Supports you,

Makes you feel safe and desired,

Makes you feel loved,

Removes the kid gloves

And does the little things,

Never crosses the line,

And doesn’t risk it all over a little fling,

A good man is confident and honest,

Not a jealous insecure alarmist,

A good man has integrity and character,

And if you are blessed,

That is the one who’ll marry you,

And lastly,

A good man is not abusive,


He seeks peace which is conducive to a healthy relationship,

Stop dating sips,

And reward the one with the patient lips…