Playtime for your dog

Playtime for your dog

Keep him busy throughout the day

von: Chistina Sondermann

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Verlag: Cadmos
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 01.11.2011
ISBN/EAN: 9780857886606
Sprache: englisch
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Part of the pleasure of owning a dog is the mutual fun that results from the playing of games. However these games also have a role in the development and well-being of our four-legged friends, not least of which is building up our dogs' self confidence and boosting our relationships. With very little financial outlay and no previous experience, any dog owner whether the dog be a puppy or an older animal can invent games using household objects. The purpose of this book is to help you discover and employ games and activities on an everyday basis that both you and your dog will enjoy and that will contribute towards his fitness and training: Marvel at the super-abilities of your dog's sense of smell. Make his daily walks an exciting adventure. Find enough inspiration in your living room to exercise his basic play instincts. Take the opportunity when appropriate to turn your garden into a dog's adventure playground. TV shows have shown how dogs can become bored and unmanageable through lack of stimulation. The occupational therapies introduced in this book are easy to do and can be integrated into your normal daily routine without much time needed or complex training. Everybody, two-or-four legged, that enjoys joint activities can participate - independant of age, height, fitness or knowledge.
Enter the world of games:

- Admire the capabilities of your dog's nose
- Build intelligent treat machines
- Surprise your dog with funny chew games
- Master a living room agility course together
- Turn your walks into an exciting adventure
- Rearrange your garden into a doggy play-ground temporarily
- Turn your obedience training into a funny game
Christina Sondermann has been working on ideas on how to occupy dogs properly for many years now. She is involved with dogs friendly, stress free training methods and creating a harmonious relationship between dogs and their owners with her internet project, by working as an author for a dog magazine, and through the organisation of seminars and workshops for dog owners and trainers.

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