Physics Essentials For Dummies

Physics Essentials For Dummies

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von: Steven Holzner

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Verlag: For Dummies
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 19.04.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9781119590392
Sprache: englisch
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Physics Essentials For Dummies (9781119590286) was previously published as Physics Essentials For Dummies (9780470618417). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.  For students who just need to know the vital concepts of physics, whether as a refresher, for exam prep, or as a reference, Physics Essentials For Dummies is a must-have guide. Free of ramp-up and ancillary material, Physics Essentials For Dummies contains content focused on key topics only. It provides discrete explanations of critical concepts taught in an introductory physics course, from force and motion to momentum and kinetics. This guide is also a perfect reference for parents who need to review critical physics concepts as they help high school students with homework assignments, as well as for adult learners headed back to the classroom who just need a refresher of the core concepts. The Essentials For Dummies SeriesDummies is proud to present our new series, The Essentials For Dummies. Now students who are prepping for exams, preparing to study new material, or who just need a refresher can have a concise, easy-to-understand review guide that covers an entire course by concentrating solely on the most important concepts. From algebra and chemistry to grammar and Spanish, our expert authors focus on the skills students most need to succeed in a subject.
Steven Holzner, PhD, was a contributing editor at PC Magazine and was on the faculty of both MIT and Cornell University. He wrote Physics For Dummies, Physics II For Dummies, and Quantum Physics For Dummies.
The fundamentals of force, work, and energy How to connect physics laws with the real world Key concepts in quick, focused lessons Your helpful guide to physics essentials From force and motion to momentum and energy, Physics Essentials For Dummies bypasses the fluff and focuses solely on the critical concepts taught in an introductory physics course. Discover how physics plays into every aspect of the world around you. Explore displacement, speed, velocity, and acceleration and learn how they fit together. This handy reference provides concise explanations of key subjects using real-world examples, so it's perfect for clarifying concepts and helping you cram for exams. Inside... How to work with vectors Straight talk on circular motion Gravity and friction Force and the laws of motion Work, energy, and power Simple harmonic motion Amazing insights on relativity

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