Neue Studien zu den johanneischen Schriften

Neue Studien zu den johanneischen Schriften

New Studies on the Johannine Writings
Bonner Biblische Beiträge, Band 167 Aufl.

von: Johannes Beutler, Rudolf Hoppe, Ulrich Berges

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The influence of the Old Testament and Early Judaism on the Fourth Gospel is the subject of various contributions of this book, as well as the influence of the Synoptic tradition. However, the author’s interest also lies in the latest stratum of the Gospel of John. The interpretive model of “relecturing” allows the study of the relation between texts without the need to hypothesize about their authors and sources. At the same time it is easier to consider the message of the Gospel in the past and in the present day in the light of the complete text. John invites his readers to not only have faith in Christ, but also to fearlessly profess their faith. Of the twenty contributions to this volume, originally published since 1998, three have been translated from Italian or Spanish, and five have remained in the original English.
Wandel in der Johannesexegese: hin zur Frage nach dem Endtext und seiner Botschaft.

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