Lifestyle and Health

Lifestyle and Health

libri nigri, Band 58

von: Fengli Lan, Friedrich G. Wallner, Gerhard Klünger

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Verlag: Bautz, Traugott
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Veröffentl.: 30.03.2017
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Today, it is common knowledge that the lifestyle has an extremely high influence on health. This book discusses the concept of lifestyle and the condition for a good lifestyle

Western Medicine can, by its structure, only offer general or definitive advice and general restrictions without regard to the specific patient. In contrast to Western Medicine Chinese Medicine is personalized. In the center of this personalized medicine is the concept of “harmony” as the way to a good life in many relations. These relations of harmony are discussed in this book. The scientific character of Chinese Medicine is demonstrated in the book I Ching (Yi Ying), the book of changes.

Friedrich Wallner (Vienna, Austria)
Lifestyle Related Diseases
A Challenge for Medical Treatment

Gerhard Klünger (Vienna, Austria)
Goetheanism as a Holistic Western Methodology

Fengli Lan (San Diego, USA)
History and Development of Chinese Medicine:
From Perspective of Constructive Realism

Fengli Lan (San Diego, USA)
Metaphors in the Framework of Tian Ren He Yi:
Aspects of Lifestyle Related Diseases

Andrea-Mercedes Riegel (Heidelberg, Germany)
Procreation in Ancient China
A Question of Lifestyle and Health 109 Gertrude Kubiena (Vienna, Austria)

Facts and Fictions about Healthy Lifestyle in China with Emphasis on Stroke

Ephraim Ferreira Medeiros (São Paulo, Brazil) & Fengli Lan (San Diego, USA)
Harmony, Health and Lifestyle Diseases in Classical Chinese Medicine

Somparn Promta (Bangkok, Thailand)
Life Sciences and Lifestyle in the View of Buddhism

Kwon Jong Yoo (Seoul, Korea)
On A Harmony Principle of Body-Mind-Life

Olga Porshneva (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Ecological harmony and disharmony
Environmental aspects of Industrial Towns in the Urals

T. Yu. Bystrova (Ekaterinburg, Russia) & L. V. Tokarskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Psychological Feasibility Of Design Planning Peculiarities
For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Andrea-Mercedes Riegel (Heidelberg, Germany)
A Fundamental Comparison of Western and Chinese Medicine in Respect to Lifestyle Related Disease Interweaving April 26th 2016

Andrea-Mercedes Riegel (Heidelberg, Germany)
Harmony in different Meanings and Uses
Interweaving April 27th 2016

Andrea-Mercedes Riegel (Heidelberg, Germany)
Mind in Harmony
Interweaving April 28th 2016

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