Introduction to Takaful

Introduction to Takaful

Theory and Practice

von: Adnan Malik, Karim Ullah

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Veröffentl.: 06.11.2019
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This book provides a comprehensive account of the theory and practice of takaful, which is an Islamic alternative to insurance. The concepts are explained using real-life case studies, calculations, and exhibits to aid in reader learning and reflection. Takaful, both as an academic subject and as well as practice, is growing particularly in the world leading financial and learning hubs such as in the UK and the USA and countries with large Muslim populations in Asia, Africa, and Middle East.
1. Insurance2. Insurance from the Shariah Perspective3. Takaful and Its Shariah Compliance4. Risk and Its Mitigation Techniques5. Takaful Models6. Family Takaful7. General Takaful8. Re -takaful9. Distribution Channels10. Underwriting Management11. Claim Management12. Regulating and Supervising Takaful
Adnan Malik is serving as Lecturer and industry chair, Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance at the Institute of Management Sciences, Pakistan. He is a certified professional in insurance and takaful with nearly 15 years of practical experience in reputable insurance and takaful companies. He has also acquired fellowship in life insurance (FLMI) from Life Office Management Association (LOMA) Atlanta, USA and certification of ACII from Chartered Insurance Institute, UK. He has delivered lectures about takaful on various business and educational forums. He developed multiple courses of Takaful in MBA Islamic banking and takaful being offered by Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar, Pakistan. Karim Ullah has a PhD on designing Islamic financial services from Brunel University London and he currently works as Assistant Professor and founding head of the Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance, Institute of Management Sciences (CEIF IMSciences), Peshawar, Pakistan. Karim Ullah is internationally known for training and consultancy using case study methodology as he certified from Harvard Business Case Publishing, Harvard Business School.  He is also certified on training of trainers, training content development, training assessments, and training of assessors certified from the World Bank. He has extensive experience in conducting lectures, training, and consultancy experience on Islamic financial services with regulators and other collaborating Islamic financial institutions from around the world. In 2015, Karim led a team of faculty and practitioners who won the prestigious financial innovation challenge fund, to establish the CEIF IMSciences, with the support of the Central Bank of Pakistan and UK’s Department for International Development. Karim Ullah has scholarly international books and papers authorships, published by the renowned publishers in London, New York, and New Delhi. Karim Ullah regularly presents his scholarly work at various international forums in the USA, UK, Asia, and  the Middle East.
Provides a comprehensive account of theory and practice of takaful

Uses real-life case studies, calculations, and exhibits to aid in reader learning and reflection.

Serves to be hands-on learning and skill kit for both academics and practitioners

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