Imaging Beyond the Pinhole Camera

Imaging Beyond the Pinhole Camera

Computational Imaging and Vision, Band 33

von: Kostas Daniilidis, Reinhard Klette

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Verlag: Springer
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 21.09.2006
ISBN/EAN: 9781402048944
Sprache: englisch
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This book traces progress in photography since the first pinhole, or camera obscura, architecture. The authors describe innovations such as photogrammetry, and omnidirectional vision for robotic navigation. The text shows how new camera architectures create a need to master related projective geometries for calibration, binocular stereo, static or dynamic scene understanding. Written by leading researchers in the field, this book also explores applications of alternative camera architectures.
Sensor Geometry.- Geometry of a Class of Catadiopric Systems.- Unifying Image Plane Liftings for Central Catadioptric and Dioptric Cameras.- Geometric Construction of the Caustic Surface of Catadioptric Non-Central Sensors.- Calibration of Line-based Panoramic Cameras.- Motion.- On Calibration, Structure from Motion and Multi-View Geometry for Generic Camera Models.- Motion Estimation with Essential and Generalized Essential Matrices.- Segmentation of Dynamic Scenes Taken by a Moving Central Panoramic Camera.- Optical Flow Computation of Omni-Directional Images.- Mapping.- Mobile Panoramic Mapping Using CCD-Line Camera and Laser Scanner with Integrated Position and Orientation System.- Multi-Sensor Panorama Fusion and Visualization.- Multi-Perspective Mosaics For Inspection and Visualization.- Navigation.- Exploiting Panoramic Vision for Bearing-Only Robot Homing.- Correspondenceless Visual Navigation Under Constrained Motion.- Navigation and Gravitation.- Sensors and Other Modalities.- Beyond Trichromatic Imaging.- Ubiquitous and Wearable Vision Systems.- 3D Optical Flow in Gated MRI Cardiac Datasets.- Imaging Through Time: The advantages of sitting still.
A variety of non-pinhole camera architectures, all discussed in one book at a level appropriate for students and specialists

A representative collection of recent research activities, each chapter with a large number of references to related work
Carefully written and edited to ensure a high standard of quality for representing this relatively new field in camera technology, computer vision, photogrammetry, and a wide range of applications for panoramic or omnidirectional cameras

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