Deep Sleep - falling asleep calmly and sleep restfully with autogenic training

Deep Sleep - falling asleep calmly and sleep restfully with autogenic training

von: Franziska Diesmann, Torsten Abrolat, Colin Griffiths-Brown

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Verlag: Syncsouls - A Division of Alive! Media
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Veröffentl.: 14.04.2015
ISBN/EAN: 4056198730171
Sprache: englisch

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Now the german iTunes nonfiction bestseller in the english version,
carefully translated and narrated brilliantly by the pleasing voice of Colin Griffiths-Brown.

You fall asleep poorly? You have no peace of mind? Or you don't find a way into deep sleep?

SyncSouls developed "deep sleep" (made in Germany) in accord with the formulars of the autogenic training (Developed by the german psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schulz). It is a conciously selft influencing method which induce physical and mental relaxation and that accompaings you into a deep and restoring sleep. Your consciousness itself controls this relaxation, the natural reaction of relaxation in your body is supported and your tiredness increases.

To finish your day, to let your thoughts become calm, this is the focus in this exercise. Selected autosugestive formulars from the autogene training lead your body and soul into a pleasant state of calm and relaxation and let you fall asleep gently.
Having troubles falling asleep or sleep through the night: apply "deep sleep" conciously as an introduction for a deep and calm sleep, which gives you deep relaxation and new power for the following day.

The Nature Sounds (crashing waves, a babbling brook) and the music are carfully put togehter on todays researches of sound design for relaxation purpuses. They take effect in a soothing and stimulating way. The pitch is set to the natural chamber pitch A of 432 Hz. The organ of corti which is responsable for our sense of balance oscillates on 128 Hz. The Frequency 128 Hz and its octaves and the resultant natural chamber tone A 432 Hz is firmly fixed in the human body. This music creates therefore a harmonical oscillation with your organism and let your body relax more and more.
Enjoy the about 40. minutes guidance for deep sleep on the basis of the autogenic training from SyncSouls on a regular basis. So you can start your new day freshly and rested!

by Franziska Diesmann, Torsten Abrolat

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