Countdown to Launch

Countdown to Launch

3 Steps / 6 Weeks / 1 Goal - The Hands-on Guide to Risk-proof Your Start-up

von: Greg Devlin, Liam Fennelly

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Verlag: Oak Tree Press
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 17.05.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9781781193815
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 232

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This purpose of this book is to help you to make your business an enduring success. Every year all around the world, energetic people with great ideas start new businesses, embark on new initiatives and begin new projects, and every year, unfortunately a large number of them fail. This book will help you to ensure that your business thrives. COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH is both an operator's manual and a toolkit. It's packed with analysis and planning tools, trigger sheets and methods. It introduces The BMAP – The Business Model Actualization Platform, a simple 'Three-Step' business development process. The BMAP results in robust and tested business planning that will help you achieve sustainable success by reducing risks and increasing opportunities. You need no special training to complete the tasks - anyone can do it! Using straightforward language, this book avoids jargon. It is aimed at the great majority of people that have not undertaken business courses, though it will also act to refresh the memory for those who have. We've paced this book to give readers a sense of what it is like to be entrepreneurial in today's world. We encourage you to take the challenge and liberate your dream, enjoy the journey and take away some enduring learning!
Greg Devlin is an MBA graduate, founder director at MBA Global Institute and co-creator of The Business Model Actualization Platform.

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