von: Tim Walker

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Verlag: Cornerstone
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Veröffentl.: 30.01.2014
ISBN/EAN: 9781448165223
Sprache: englisch
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A sharp, perceptive and painfully funny book about money, love and the sorrows and joys of modern family life.MEET THE MANVILLES.JERRY, a former award-winning adman who’s beginning to leave a trail of ex-wives and semi-estranged children.PEN, his artist ex-wife, who’s a lot more in love with her new garden in the South of France than with her new husband.ISOBEL, their daughter, trapped in air-conditioned Dubai, too busy managing her online farm to raise her own children.CONRAD, her brother, who tends to his bicycles and his latest crush from a grotty flat-share in East London.The House on the Hill was once their happy family home, regularly featured in the newspaper lifestyle sections and in Pen’s popular children’s books. But the house has fallen out of use, and so has the family. When Pen decides it’s finally time to sell, Jerry discovers some unexpected new occupants who aren’t so eager to move on. Soon the Manvilles – each of them funny, flawed and sporadically lovable – will have to say goodbye to The House on the Hill.
"Clever idea: Tim Walker’s adroit debut novel tells the story of a scattered London family through their relationship to their Highbury home. This is a story of the rampant property mania that dominates the national conversation and an acute satire on urban First World problems. It’s wittily done…Walker imagines himself equally confidently into the minds of a rich retiree, an expat mum and a Shoreditch hipster…So timely…Walker’s characters are fully fleshed…[and] there are lots of nice touches…This is a proper London novel, and properly good fun."
A sharp, sardonic, perceptive and painfully funny book about money, love and the sorrows and joys of modern family life by a talented debut author.
Tim Walker was born in Surrey in 1980. He spent four years in California as the Los Angeles correspondent for the Independent. He lives in London with his family.

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