A quiet word with your horse

A quiet word with your horse

Learning by reward - the key to motivation and trust

von: Marlitt Wendt

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Verlag: Cadmos
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 01.04.2013
ISBN/EAN: 9780857887283
Sprache: englisch
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It is a magical moment when horse and owner really understand each other for the first time. Positive horse training using clicker and target combines the benefits of a communicative relationship with an effective training method. It is the horse-friendly alternative to the very common coercive methods where dominance and submission prevail. In this book, behavioral biologist Marlitt Wendt explains the mechanisms of reward learning in a practical way, based on the findings of modern equine learning psychology.
- Make training horses fun - professional tips and training tricks
- Clicker training and positive reinforcement
- No self-service - avoiding begging
- The trick with the stick - target training
Marlitt Wendt, From Großhandsdorf near Hamburg, is a behavioral biologist specializing in horses. She organizes lectures and seminars across the German-speaking world. In her work, Wendt combines the latest findings in horse ethology, from social behavior and evolutionary biology to the latest theories on learning. She has already written the Bestsellers "How horses feel and think" and "Trust instead of dominance" for Cadmos Verlag.

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