1 Kings

1 Kings

The Audio Bible Old TestamentOld Testament

von: Christopher Glynn

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The first book of Kings recounts the lives of the kings of Israel and Judea over a period of 400 years after the death of King David. His son, Solomon, features heavily in these chapters, first to show God's generous blessings to a faithful king, and later, as an example of the consequences of turning away from God. This book also details the split of the northern and southern tribes of Israel, and the subsequent appointment of the prophet Elijah to bring hope to the true followers of God, and vengeance on those who had renounced Him
Chrstopher Glyn became a Christian at the age of 21, giving up a promising theatrical career in the U.K. to engage in full time missionary work. In the 35 years since then, he has have been very active in the field of Christian radio, primarily on the Asia and African continents.
""For years it has been my dream to record an audio version of the Holy Bible, combining my training as an actor with my love for God's Word. I am happy now to have the opportunity to do so. I started the very long process of recording the Bible 3 years ago and by the summer of 2011, the entire Bible was finished. I pray with my whole heart that these readings will be a blessing and an inspiration to many."

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