The Free-Time Formula

The Free-Time Formula

Finding Happiness, Focus, and Productivity No Matter How Busy You Are
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von: Jeff Sanders

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 16.02.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781119432975
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Find the time, clarity, and mental space to achieve your goals The Free-Time Formula helps you slow down time and get the important things done. We're all overworked, stressed, and always being asked to do more, and do it better; the days aren't getting any longer, so something has to give—don't let it be your sanity. This book provides a real-world framework for more effective time management that helps you prioritize, focus, clarify, and go. You'll begin with a time audit to assess your current stress, strategies, and output—and the results may shock you. From there, you'll work step-by-step toward a new daily routine that will help you become the focused, efficient achiever you've been trying to be for so long. It's not about cramming more into your precious 24 hours, it's about figuring out what really matters to you, and getting the most important things done first. Every day. Never miss another big deadline, never flake on an important meeting, never be late to an appointment again. It is possible with great planning, and this book is your personal guide. Focused on action, not filler, this book is an excellent resource for those who want to achieve more, but do less. With a few simple changes, you'll find the time you've been missing and put it to more productive use. Define and prioritize your personal and professional goals and responsibilities Cut the distractions and clarify your daily objectives Adapt your workplace tools and environment to facilitate actual work Periodically self-assess, course–correct when needed, and plan for the future Rather than rush through another day leaving things un-done and roses un-sniffed, take a beat and a breath, and take back your day with The Free-Time Formula.
JEFF SANDERS is a keynote speaker, productivity coach, personal development fanatic, plant-based marathon runner, and author of The 5 AM Miracle. On a mission to help you dominate your day, he speaks on how to form powerful lifelong habits, bounce out of bed with enthusiasm, and tackle your grandest goals with extraordinary energy.
How many hours have you worked this week? When you're working, do you constantly feel stressed, rushed, and under pressure? Has it reached the point where you delay restroom visits because three minutes away from your desk will throw everything off-schedule? You, my friend, are overworked—and you're not alone. We are all being asked to do more and more with less and less, and it's all so vitally important and has to be done ASAP. Lacking a magic wand, we work at a furious pace for hours on end, only to collapse into bed so we can wake up and do it all again tomorrow. There is always more to be done, but the days aren't getting any longer; something's got to give, but don't let it be your sanity. The Free-Time Formula is your lifeline back to happiness, focus, and true productivity. Action-packed and to-the-point, this sanity-saving guide will help you reclaim your days as you discover just how much power you have. Prioritizing is key, but deprioritizing is even more critical—and this book gives you a clear and workable framework for becoming the focused, efficient achiever you've been trying to be for so long. You'll begin with a time assessment that gauges your current levels of stress, strategies, and output, then you'll work step-by-step toward a new daily routine that will reawaken your spirit as you start to get it all done—with time left over! Gain an extra hour of free time—every day—to read, exercise, or spend time with friends and family Double your productivity without feeling overworked or overwhelmed Ask the right questions, clarify what matters, and cut out the nonsense to reclaim your day Predict and prevent distractions in order to stay on track with the important stuff Formulate a seven-day action plan for revamping your calendar and revitalizing your life! Productivity is not about cramming more "stuff" and your current goals, and building the habit of saying "no" when you want to. It's about never again missing a deadline or being late for a meeting, but also attending every single one of your kid's recitals. It's about climbing the ladder while building a life, and feeling absolutely a-okay about leaving your phone in the hotel room on vacation. Life is what happens outside of work, and The Free-Time Formula helps you reformulate your day to enjoy more of it.
PRAISE FOR THE FREE-TIME FORMULA "Busy people rejoice! It doesn't have to be this way. More coffee isn't the solution, less sleep isn't the answer. Let Jeff guide you into a new way to be productive without just running from task to task with manic speed." —Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done "When Jeff Sanders puts pen to paper he means it. The Free-Time Formula is a no-nonsense guide to getting your best work done. If you're looking to increase focus and productivity, this is the book for you." —Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathoner and New York Times Bestselling author of Ultramarathon Man "If you want to get your most important work done but feel you 'don't have time,' then read this! The step-by-step action plan will walk you through the journey from busy and chaotic to productive and accomplished." —Claire Diaz-Ortiz, award-winning author and Silicon Valley innovator "When so many other productivity gurus teach superficial hacks and 'effortless' solutions, Jeff Sanders pushes us to do the real (often hard!) work to create quality free time—by first deciding what truly matters, then cultivating the discipline to do only that. If you're tired of quick-fixes that don't fix anything, and ready to go to work identifying and uprooting the real causes of the procrastination, friction, and stress in your life—so that you can spend it doing work that matters—then The Free-Time Formula is an absolute must-read." —Matt Frazier, author of No Meat Athlete and The No Meat Athlete Cookbook "The bestselling author of The 5 AM Miracle has miraculously managed to do it again. In The Free-Time Formula, Jeff Sanders not only addresses our greatest fears surrounding success, but provides a compelling blueprint for the only kind of success that really matters: the meaningful kind. This book is a must-read for anyone who realizes that the only ladder of success that matters is the one leaning against the right tree!" —August Turak, author of Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks

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